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Most of FoE Croatia’s activities over the years have focused on urban transport in Zagreb, and we have also dealt with various aspects of the construction and management of motorways, railway transport and national transport policy in general.

Transport is one of the biggest causes of climate change, and in large cities it is one of the main sources of air pollution, while huge green areas are being concreted due to transport infrastructure.

Although Croatia formally recognises this problem, it does not offer a real turnaround in its transport policies, but mainly hopes for technological development that will reduce emissions from transport. Although the growing electrification of traffic is positive, in order to significantly reduce the impact of traffic on the environment, it is even more important to reduce the number of motor vehicles and increase the use of those modes of transport with a lower carbon footprint. It is especially necessary to create spatially-planned cities in which the need for mobility can be met to a greater extent than now without motor vehicles. In international and freight transport, the challenges are even greater.

The main goals on this topic are: improvement of public transport, bicycle traffic and supporting infrastructure, expansion of pedestrian zones, modernisation and development of railway infrastructure, maintenance of public transport infrastructure management, improvement of management and control systems, improvement and implementation of transport policy and sustainable electrification of transport.

Some of the most significant results of the work on this topic:

  • ban on the construction of new public garages in the center of Zagreb (2013);
  • abandonment of motorway concession (2014);
  • Bicycle repair workshop - a free volunteer service that has been operating continuously since 2009;
  • raising citizens' awareness of the value of sustainable forms of transport.


  • "Car Free Day" (2000-present)
  • "We won’t give up Varšavska" (2006-2011)
  • "We won’t give up our highways" (2014)
  • "It's enough!" - campaign related to Zagreb's problems in transport, spatial planning and waste management (2019-2020)

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