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Since the beginning, FoE Croatia has been conducting educational activities on environmental issues with the aim of informing and empowering individuals. We have organised countless lectures, forums, trainings, workshops, webinars, etc., and probably our most famous and oldest education is the Autumn Eco-seminar.

In addition to educational activities on the topics that FoE Croatia works on or that it considers socially relevant, we conduct educational campaigns as well as practical workshops on the principle of "do it yourself".

Our education has improved over the years, so among other things, since 2015, we have been actively conducting quality training for activists and other civil society organisations which we developed through the project "School of Sustainability". Using a holistic approach and expertise, through our trainings and seminars we seek answers to systemic challenges and are committed to building capacity to advocate for environmental, social and economic justice. We place emphasis on reflection and we strengthen ties for personal and collective empowerment. The methodology we use in our trainings offers a number of tools that can make our activism more effective and sustainable, and can also be transformative.

We believe that educators, who are also activists, play an important role in social movements, because they increase the ability of successful social action. Therefore, our goal is to educate as many people as possible who want to become catalysts for innovation in social movements, to communicate and spread new approaches, frameworks and tools. Find out more about these educations here.

Examples of educational activities we conduct:

  • Autumn eco-seminar (from the late 90's until today)
  • Practical workshops for construction of solar panels
  • Practical home composting workshops
  • DIY workshops
  • Summer Camp “School of Sustainability
  • “School of Sustainability” Training for Trainers
  • School of Civil Disobedience
  • Climate quiz

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