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Public Discussion: „Ombla – Croatian pearl of the world“ held in Dubrovnik


On Monday, April 14th Green Action organized a public discussion in Dubrovnik entitled ' Ombla - Croatian pearl of the world ' .

The debate was attended by karst hydrologist Prof. Ph. D. Ognjen Bonacci , entomologist and caver M.Sc . Roman Ozimec and karstologist Ph.D . Ivo Lucic . The panel was moderated by M.Sc . Jagoda Munic from Green Action .

After the opening presentation on Ombla hydrolog , Ognjen Bonacci said that we must not forget that a large part of the Ombla basin is located in another country , and that it’s exact borders are still not known . In terms of the HPP projec , Bonacci said that there is no guarantee that the construction of the HPP will not lead to the river overflowing . He said that initially he was not against the project, but he changed his mind after a series of studies he conducted.

Roman Ozimec present data on the biodiversity of the river Ombla , emphasizing some endemic species of fish and turtles. He added that the Republic of Dubrovnik knew how to take care of Ombla and gave examples of some provisions that were introduced to punish all those who threaten the river.

Ivo Lucic in his presentation emphasized the cultural and natural heritage of Rijeka Dubrovačka and called the Environmental Impact Study for HPP Ombla a forgery . He accused HEP that, as an investor, it tried to hide the problematic facts behind the positive ones , and that he neglected a document that proves that the project will have a negative impact on the species that live there .


Ognjen Bonacci

Roman Ozimec

Ivo Lučić

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