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Minister Habijan's speech was interrupted by activists from Zelena akcija

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"Welcome to the conference 'Energy Path to Destruction'! That's its true title, not 'Energy Path to a Sustainable Future'. What you're doing is pure greenwashing! The path being discussed here today leads to a climate catastrophe. A catastrophe for the people in this country and beyond", said activists while interrupting the speech of Economy and Sustainable Development Minister.

They emphasised that the industry, which is the main cause of climate change and the main obstacle in the transition process, should no longer receive support. "The gas and oil lobby is closely tied to the government in this country, as shown by numerous scandals. This is also demonstrated by the so-called strategic energy projects which are almost always linked to fossil fuels”.

Activists also highlighted the fact that Croatian companies involved in fossil fuels are complicit in health issues, human rights violations and fueling of conflicts worldwide. Liquefied natural gas or LNG imported to Croatia, primarily from USA, is produced through fracking, a method whose multiple harmful effects on human health and the environment have been proven, and which was banned domestically by the Croatian government. "It's hypocritical that we have no problem importing gas extracted this way in USA, endangering people there", they added.

In the USA, there are so-called 'sacrifice zones' along the Gulf of Mexico coast where people have been inhaling harmful toxins for decades. As a result, their regions have been dubbed 'Cancer Alley' and 'Death Valley'. "Croatia imports gas from the Death Valley", the activists stated. Importing LNG from USA poses additional challenges due to its close financial and military alliance with the State of Israel. According to the World Court, there are significant concerns regarding potential genocide in Gaza.

Croatia also imports LNG from countries like Mozambique. The industry there fuels a war that has been raging for six years, displacing over a million people. "It's unacceptable that Croatia, due to its dependence on gas and poor energy policies, is part of all this".

They also commented on the issue of the nuclear lobby at this conference. "Building nuclear power plants is a very lengthy process that requires enormous investments. By the time they are built, it will be too late to stop irreversible climate change". We need to invest in proven climate solutions, such as home insulation, public transportation, and renewable energy. "Investing in fossil fuels and nuclear power plants is unsafe and detrimental to health, the climate and the economy. And above all, it is morally wrong towards the global majority", they said.

Activists demanded an end to conferences that promote fossil fuels and the companies involved in their production and distribution. They want conferences focused on renewable energy sources, with citizens taking a central role in energy management. "We don't want to continue with business as usual! We're tired of the empty and false speeches from the government about alleged efforts to combat and adapt to climate change. In reality, little or nothing is happening. Shamefully, we're still at the bottom of the EU regarding investments in solar energy, which we have in abundance".

The current government wants to continue importing fossil fuels, especially gas, and thus continue to depend on others and geopolitics. "They lack the courage to resist the gas and nuclear lobby and to be more ambitious than others", said Zelena akcija, concluding: "We demand that the future government resists these influences and finally makes a turn in the right direction. We won't disappear. We are the voice of those who cannot be here because they struggle every day to buy food or pay for heating. We don't want to live in such a world anymore! We want better because we deserve better".

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