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Swap party! vol.15 @FoE Croatia - new season

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Zelena akcija /FoE Croatia invites you to the new edition of the "Swap Party" on Wednesday, September 27, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Zelena akcija (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb).

We are back again after a small summer break and this time we are accepting both summer and autumn clothes/shoes since the weather these days is often changing due to climate change.

By organising swap events, we promote values such as (self-)sustainability, the culture of repair and reuse, and actively oppose consumerism and throwaway culture. Get rid of already boring pieces of clothing and find new ones in a pleasant and friendly environment!

What is a Swap Party?

At a swap party, attendees come together to trade clothes, shoes, accessories and other fashion items they no longer need for new pieces they can use. By swapping out old items, we can breathe fresh energy into them!

What will it look like?

  • Bring with you a maximum of 10 pieces of clean and unworn SUMMER AND/OR FALL clothing or shoes (preferably not wrinkled).
  • Come to Zelena akcija and bring us the items. There, we will check them, sort them by size and place them in a visible place.
  • We will give you 1 token for each item you brought and we will take turns in the exchange so that you all have an equal chance to find something for yourself.
  • Note: DO NOT bring underwear, undershirts, socks, pantyhose UNLESS they have never been worn. Also, we currently do not accept children's clothes and shoes.

7 reasons to go to a Swap party!

  • Each purchase of new clothing incentivises the fast fashion industry to keep producing despite the detrimental effects to the environment and human rights.
  • The Earth's limited resources are used to produce new clothing.
  • More than half of textiles are made from fossil fuels, i.e. polyester.
  • New clothes can contain countless chemicals, dyes and microplastic particles that harm not only the soil, air and groundwater - but also the people who make the clothes.
  • Fast fashion companies often operate in ways that are detrimental to human rights, labour rights and women's rights.
  • Environmentally and ethically acceptable clothes that are better for people and the environment can be expensive, which not everyone can afford.
  • Satisfy the need for new, save money and reduce your own environmental footprint!

We have been striving to enhance the experience since the start of this year:

  • instead of on tables, clothes will be sorted on clothes racks with hangers
  • from now on, you will be able to try on selected items in a special corner for trying on clothes
  • a large mirror in which you will be able to see yourself.

Request: If you have any extra clothes hangers, please bring them so that all the clothes can be organised on our new racks, thus avoiding any unnecessary shopping.

Let's cultivate a culture of exchange, not waste creation and consumerism! All items that remain without an owner will be donated to the social cooperative Humana in Zagreb.

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