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Resist the high bills and environmental pollution: NO waste incineration!


We invite citizens and institutions to submit comments on the proposal of the Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatian, located at a public hearing until Tuesday, October 20 In order to facilitate sending comments, we have prepared comments with which all interested parties can form their own or simply forward the comments to the Green Action mail Ministry Proposal Plan is a continuation of the bad and senseless idea of mixing and burning of waste that harm the environment and increase monthly bills for waste.

Therefore, we invite all interested parties to oppose sending comments such a system and require the model which can be easily separated waste themselves form their monthly bills. It is important that as many citizens turned to send a strong message that this proposal plan is unacceptable and that it should be modified to the benefit of citizens and the environment.

Although we are obliged to 2020 separate and recycle 50% of waste, and we are currently only at 15%, the Ministry of the Plan does not intend to provide high quality infrastructure for the separation and recycling of waste. In contrast, planned to be a system in which it is necessary to produce mixed waste that is transported to regional centers where they would be segmented and then further transported for incineration in cement plants and waste incinerator. In order to justify such a system, and investments in individual steps that are not a priority, the Ministry misinterpreted the hierarchy of waste management. It is clear that such a system will not meet these obligations, this proposal ignores the Plan and seeks to impose on citizens paying high penalties to the EU, while continuing enrichment of certain suspicious interest in disordered systems.

Proposal Plan is based on incomplete data on the amounts of certain types of waste, and lacks many analyzes have evaluated the selection of a certain waste management system. Incineration and regional centers of the argumentation are the only and best solution, and the existing practice shows that it is actually the most expensive and harmful system. Incineration of waste gets a lot less energy than the energy saved by recycling resources that are planned to burn this energy that can be extracted from biogas after treatment of biowaste. Also, the plan lacks analysis of available variants of disposal of sludge which are more acceptable from the fire.

Citizens will have to pay for the investment in the planned system for the proposed Plan of missing more than 10 billion for its implementation, the EU is in the process of adopting provisions to finance the burning stops. In addition, the series is and incidentals, such as the cost of exporting waste prepared for burning to a failure of care in Croatia, which will ultimately have to pay citizens. In addition to financial damage, this system would have a significant impact on the environment and health, as argumentation is rejected, and is proven at numerous international examples.

The establishment of a quality system of prevention, reuse, separation and recycling of waste, which can be financed from EU funds, to meet all the obligations, opened a lot of jobs, and citizens could themselves form their monthly bills through waste separation. We therefore call on citizens to engage in public debate and require them to such a system and enable.

Our comments on the proposal of the  Plan and the Strategic environmental impact study that justifies steps in the Plan are attached, a complete draft of the Plan and indicated strategic studies can be found on the marked links or on the official website of the Ministry (http: //

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