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Representative of the Green forum ('Zeleni forum') a moderator on the biggest energy conference in the EU


A longtime environmental activist Toni Vidan, member of the European economic and social committee (EGSO), participated today in Bruxelles as a moderator on the panel ''Energy Union: local leadership driving the transition''

 The panel ''Energy Union: local leadership driving the transition'' was held as a part of the traditional annual conference about sustainable energy organized by the European commission, with this year's motto: ''Energy to the consumers!''. The conference included about 2300 experts, public officials , activists and entrepreneurs.

The panel that hosted representatives of local governments from the UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands was organized by the coalition of five biggest European networks of local and regional governments (ICLEI, energycities, EUROCITIES, ClimateAlliance, i CEMR) and had the agenda of discussing how to ensure that the local actors in the EU get the possibility of partaking in the system of governing energy and climate policies, which is being established as a part of the EU's project 'Energy Union'.

Panelists presented numerous examples of successful activities of their local governments, and agreed that the legislative and economic circumstances in the member states of the EU still favor the use of fossil fuels and big energy monopolies, which inhibits a quicker and easier transition to renewable energy sources.

Friends of the Earth Croatia hereby congratulates to the county Posupsko for achieving a big success by winning the first prize in the category of public governments from the EU for the efforts made in the transition to sustainable energetics.

As a reminder, EGSO is one of two main advisory bodies of the EU (the second being Council of regions). EGSO includes 350 volunteer representatives of NGOs from all member states divided into three groups: employers, workers, and ''other representatives of the civil society''.At the European level, EGSO represents the interests of various economic and social interest groups and is considered a bridge between the institutions of the EU and the civil society. Leader of the energy program of Friends of the Earth Croatia (Zelena akcija), Toni Vidan, in the EGSO represents more than 40 environmental organizations from Croatia, gathered in the network ''Zeleni forum''.

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