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Reconstruction of cable car on Medvednica

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Reconstruction of cable car on Medvednica Cable car on Medvednica (nature-protected mountain on the northern side of Zagreb) has stopped to function several years ago. That has increased the number of private vehicles driving on the Medvednica, because many people decided to use their cars in order to reach the top of mountain.

City authorities promised that they will reconstruct and modernize cable car and initiate the closing of Medvednica roads for all private vehicles. Public discussion about Environmental Impact Assessment for reconstruction of cable car on Medvednica has ended on March 14th. In the EIA, there are two possible versions of reconstruction.

Both are including extension of the cable car for 800 meters on the bottom side. But one of the versions means extension on the upper side for 172 meters and construction of the new station on the top of the maintain – that would cause devastation of 3202 m2 of the highest part of the Medvednica. Because of that, in comments on the EIA we have support the version that includes the upper station on the existing place.

Except that, we were complaining that regulation of traffic on Medvednica was not part of the EIA. Currently, private motorized vehicles are allowed to drive on Medvednica, but City of Zagreb is promising for years that they will start the initiative to ban car usage on Medvednica after reconstruction of cable car. So, the EIA should at least have recommendation about future traffic regulation.

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