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Presenting "10 criteria for the establishment of tenable transport in the City of Zagreb"

Last year UNEP (the UN agency for environmental protection) and the European agency for the environment launched the project: "Promotion of tenable production and consumption in Southeastern and Eastern Europe, central Asian and Caucasus countries". In Croatia project was focused on transport, and Green Action was selected as a partner by the UNEP national office.

The main goal of the project is to identify the current situation as well as present and future changes and trends of transport development, its impact on environment, its relationship with regional planning and present/future initiatives of promoting tenable transport development.

Green Action has done a comprehensive study of public transport, bicycle transport, and individual motorcycle transport. Furthermore, general city transport politic is also included, followed by a sequence of criteria for functional transport improvement in Zagreb.

One of the main results of the study is the proposed "10 criteria for the establishment of tenable transport in the City of Zagreb." This study includes proposals as well as solutions for city transport improvement (improvement of public transport, bicycle transport, street web up-building, transport signalization and regulation, introducing cheaper taxi service, and criteria of transport politics).  

Beyond these criteria, there are many difficulties and barriers to the realization of a tenable transport system in Zagreb.

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