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‘’Plomin C’’ - is IDS favoring their seats over public health?

Today (14.2.2014.), the Green action and Green Istria activists have performed a protest action in front of the Parentium hotel moments before IDS electoral summit.

The activists have pointed about the unprincipal and inconsistent position of IDS regarding the planned construction of the Plomin C thermal power plant. On the local level, IDS is claiming they are opposed to development of such a harmful project, which is obviously only a means of acquisiting cheap political points. On the national level, however, IDS is a member of the governing coalition and their representative is one of the ministers in the actual Government which has already established Plomin C as one of it’s strategic projects, of which they have been advocating aggressively. Obviously IDS is supportive of the construction though, allegedly, they oppose it on the local level. Further evidence that IDS has no intentions to obstruct this project can be grasped from the, now former, IDS president Ivan Jakovčić, who stated:’’projects should change Croatia, and if Plomin is on of them, then it shall be constructed’’.

We would like to remind that these actions from IDS are at odds with the current Development strategy of the Istria county, which states that the energetic system should rely on cleaner energy sources, something which eliminates the possibility of the coal operating thermal power plant. Besides, only few months ago, the assembly of Istria county in which IDS holds the majority, has officially declared their opposition regarding Plomin C. By having a subsequent change of heart in order to strengthen their position in the governing coalition, IDS has failed their voters.

We are requesting IDS to finally declare their position regarding ‘’Plomin C’’, either by staying silent or work on it’s suspension, thereby protecting the citizens.

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