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Join our regional activist camp “Klimatopija”!


Foto(c) Alba Rosa

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An email was send to all the applicants on July 22nd - please check your spam folder! / Zelena akcija invites you to join “Klimatopija”, a regional activist camp that will take place on 10-16 September 2022 at a sustainable estate Ekodrom.

You worry about the increasingly visible signs of climate change and you want to get active? You are sick of the passivity around you? Come to “Klimatopija”, the right place for older, newer and activists to be – a place for learning, inspiration and connecting of individuals and groups working for climate justice.

The camp will gather around 30 young people (and those who feel that way) from Croatia, west Balkans and Norway and give them a chance to learn and explore what climate justice means to them, how to use their skills, talents, and interests and how to become an active member of the broader climate movement.

Who are you?

Are you 18 to 35 years old? Do you come from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia or Serbia? You have good English-speaking skills and you are very interested in environmentalism and climate? Join “Klimatopija”!

The call is equally intended for those with no, little or more experience, student population and those working in the private, civil or non-governmental sectors as well as all underrepresented social groups like the unemployed, young people without access to higher education, LGBTIQ+ community and members of ethnic and religious minorities.

What will we be doing?

The theme of the camp is networking of the climate movement and innovative climate activism. The programme will offer space for discussions, contemplation, group work and coming up with strategies, with a lot of time for relaxing, hanging out and games.

The expert team of Zelena akcija and their Activist group, along with the Norwegian youth organisation Nature and Youth, will share their knowledge of climate change, how to organise campaigns and actions, how to coordinate activist groups and how to create leaderful organisations.

We will take a holistic approach to the topics which means personal well-being, growth and development as well as artistic expression in service of activism will be taken into account throughout our activities during the camp.

As a part of the camp, we will take a one-day study trip to the island of Krk where we will visit another example of organising of climate activists from Europe and Croatia so we can network and put our newly learned skills to use!

More information about the trip will be available to the selected participants of “Klimatopija”.

How will we work?

The basis of work is informal education in which we establish the so-called safer space where all participants are more open to the process of learning. Some exercises will be based on the concept of popular education that has its origins in Latin America. The goal of this kind of learning is not just mere transfer of knowledge but learning as a social process where we all admit we have knowledge, conscience, and memory and that we are a part of nature, and that nature is a part of us. Through lectures, exercises, group work and simulations we will discuss system change which we want to achieve through economic, social and above all climate justice.

Where will we work?

The camp will be held at the Ekodrom estate in the village of Bukovica Utinjska in the municipality of Vojnić, 25 km from the city of Karlovac. The whole area is uninhabited, with hills and large forests expanding all the way to Petrova Gora. We will be able to enjoy nature and all that it offers, including local organic and vegan food.

If you want to join us, fill out this form until Friday, July 20, at midnight. Please share this invitation with anyone who is interested, including organisations!

For more information, please contact us at .

All expenses regarding transport, food and accommodation from September 10-16, as well as the study trip, will be fully covered by Zelena akcija (transport expenses will be refunded after the camp and once we receive the original receipts i.e. tickets).

The official language of the camp is English.

If you like spending time in nature and you want to learn something new and different, make new friends and gather yourself a little activist tribe, join us!


The camp is organized as a part of the JEKA! Project – Strengthening of eco-activism for urgent climate action which is supported by 149.850,00 EUR financial help from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EGP grants. The main goal of the project is to build a dynamic and connected climate movement that will use innovative methods to publicly advocate for an urgent answer to the climate crisis. The movement will gather civil society organisations (CSOs), informal activist groups and citizens of all ages, especially youth, and lawyers interested in the legal aspects of advocating, all of which are the target groups of this project.

This activity is made possible with the financial support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The content of the activities is the sole responsibility of Zelena akcija and does not necessarily reflect the position of the National Foundation.

You may upload our content in an integral or revised version with the indication of the organisation Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia - under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
This permission does not apply to stock photos and embedded content of other creators.

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