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I can do without plastic - Get involved in our online action!

Online akcija fotka

We are inviting citizens to engage in an online action and send us pictures of more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, as well as examples of unnecessary plastic packaging and plastic pollution of the environment.

The online action is part of the “Plastic Free Week” starting at the International Plastic Bag Free Day and it will last until Friday the 6th of July 2018.

Single-use plastic materials like plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic packaging, q tips, plastic containers, plates and cutlery are today’s biggest environmental pollutants, killing numerous marine species and birds, polluting our oceans, seas, soil and drinkable water for hundreds of years.

This kind of relationship is unsustainable both towards the environment and society, and was recognized by European parliament which recently adopted the Strategy to cut plastic waste and proposed the Single-use plastic directive. According to the Directive, it will be mandatory for the Croatian Government to reduce consumption of single-use plastic bags by 10 times until the year 2025, as well as to cut other single-use plastic products, all of which requires immediate action on all levels of the decision making.

Reducing production and consumption of single-use plastic items, while stimulating and promoting environmentally friendly alternatives, is urgent. Some alternatives are canvas bags and wooden baskets which can be reused, as well as glass and aluminium water bottles. Other alternatives are compostable bags and packaging, cotton or bamboo q tips and reusable or compostable cutlery.

Friends of the Earth Croatia is inviting the public to take pictures of their usage of alternatives to single-use plastic and publish those pictures on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), using hashtags #mogubez and #breakfreefromplastic and tagging Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia, or to send the pictures via e-mail: You are also encouraged to send us pictures of examples of unnecessary usage of plastic, like layers of plastic packaging, vegetables wrapped up in plastic, environmental pollution caused by plastic bags and plastic bottles etc.

We aim to show that there are more environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic, while simultaneously pressuring decision makers to immediately start implementing numerous measures which would discourage their consumption and production. The best examples will be used for this purpose, without publishing your names. Take part of this online action and send a loud and clear message: “No, thank you (to single-use plastic), there is a better way!”.

You may upload our content in an integral or revised version with the indication of the organisation Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia - under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
This permission does not apply to stock photos and embedded content of other creators.

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