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A big victory of citizens over the speculators - court annuls environmental permit for the Dubrovnik golf resort project


The legal battle has ended after three years. The administrative court in Split confirmed what the 'Srđ je naš' initiative, 'Zelena akcija' and the experts were saying all along - the project of apartmanization of Srđ (hill above the city of Dubrovnik) is not acceptable for the environment.

On this occasion, the representatives of the 'Srđ je naš' initiative and 'Zelena akcija' , that have filed the lawsuit refuting this study, held a press conference in front of the Dubrovnik city hall. ''This is a big victory in our campaign and a confirmation of our statements about the harmfulness of this project to the environment! We will appeal ask for the repeal of the location permit that had been issued on the basis of this refuted study. The administrative court's verdict is the beginning of the end of the project of apartmanization of Srđ. From the very beginning the project was based on an illusion created by an aggressive marketing campaign and malicious manipulation of various procedures. One by one, the court decisions on which the project is based are collapsing , all thanks to a decade-long effort of organized citizens. We hereby thank everybody for the help and support during all these years.' stated Enes Ćerimagić, a Zelena akcija legal expert. He added: 'This is not the first verdict in favour of the SJN citizen initiative, and we believe it won't be the last. Almost two years ago The High Administrative Court has refuted the decision by which the project of apartmanization of srđ has trippled in size. Besides that, we are fighting to deny various permits which based this projects in numerous court proceedings, and we are sure, that we will , with a thorough and persistent approach, win them all in the end. This is a victory of citizens against speculators.' he concluded.

Đuro Capor, the 'coordinator of 'Srđ je naš' initiative reminded the public about the main reasons why environmental impact assessment study was challenged by the Croatian association of architects, Zelena akcija and the 'Srđ je naš' initiative. Capor pointed out that the study considered only the environmental impact of building a golf course , leaving out the impact of building villas and apartments with the capacity for 20 000 people on the Srđ plateau, and the effect it will have on the World Heritage about which UNESCO has warned the Republic of Croatia.
Capor reminded, that mayor Vlahušić has listed the refuted decision as one of the main reasons for his support of the project. With this court verdict, we expect the mayor Vlahušić and the city administration to stop supporting this project,since it is in many ways harmful to the citizens of Dubrovnik. An analysis of the costs of construction and upkeep was never made, as well as what portion of the resources should be provided by the city of Dubrovnik and other public firms like Croatian waters, Croatian roadways and others.

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