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4th E?! - Environmental Film Festival

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It's that time again! Zelena akcija's Activist Group invites you to attend the fourth annual E?! – Environmental Film Festival happening between March 21st and March 23rd at Kino Tuškanac.

This year we have in store for you another rich and interesting program full of good films and engaging discussions about environmental, and other issues. This year's festival also coincides with the celebration of Earth Day, and will also feature the culmination of our climate fiction literary contest, which we will detail later. 

Entry is, as always, free! More details about the program will be posted soon.

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About the festival: 

The E?! – Environmental film festival was born in 2014 as an idea in Zelena akcija to introduce the environmental issues we deal with to new, broader, audiences through the medium of documentary films. Film, as a medium, effectively engages the stories which happen “in the field”, and the people whose lives are intertwined with these stories, which allows for a deeper understanding of the issues that affect people around the world, including us. Ranging from health issues faced by the inhabitants of a small village in Columbia, which is located near the largest open coal pit in the world, to organized activists fighting to keep their city intact somewhere in Europe, and all the way to large protest against corporate polluters and the governments which give them free reign, all of which is connected with us and our way of life. 

The films we show on E?! Fest attempt to raise awareness about what it is in our behavior that harms the environment, and the people around us, what connects us to broader issues in a system that encourages such behavior (the social and economic system, power relations, etc.), and encourages us to become active, organize and mobilize for resistance to such ways of life, and fight for a better world. We show films that inform, but also inspire, precisely to motivate you to think, connect, change, act... 

*This event is organized as part of the School of Sustainability project and through support by the Centers of Knowledge program of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

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