About us

Zelena akcija (ZA)/Friends of the Earth Croatia is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan and voluntary association of citizens for environmental protection. It was founded in 1990 and is based in Zagreb.

Through its work, ZA wants to contribute to the improvement of environmental protection system at the local, national and global level by encouraging changes through campaigns, non-violent direct action, projects, public participation in decision-making, etc. The aim of their work is to protect the environment and nature, and encourage the development towards a low-carbon society while being guided by the principles of social justice and systemic change. ZA pays close attention to activities aimed at encouraging public participation in decision-making regarding environmental issues and on improving the quality of life in Croatia.

They also share information, experience and expertise in the field of environmental protection to other organizations, individuals, communities, schools, etc. in Croatia and beyond.

Zelena akcija's work is based on the work of volunteers and activists, who are supported by a professional team.

ZA is not related to any political party, and is a member of the largest network of environmental organisations in the world - Friends of the Earth.


Zelena akcija strives for an environmentally and socially sustainable society at the local and global level where citizens through participation and cooperation protect the nature and environment, and achieve high quality of life.


ZA is an association of citizens for environmental and nature protection and the promotion of sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia that has been working actively since 1990. ZA is facing the challenges and threats to the environment and health of people at the local, national and global level with determination and expertise by mobilizing the public to stop the destruction of ecosystems and climate change. ZA achieves its goals through nonviolent direct action, campaigning, informing and educating, joint work of a professional team and volunteers, cooperation with other organisations and public participation.

Fundamental values of Zelena akcija:

  • volunteering
  • professionalism
  • solidarity (with the civil sector, external and internal)
  • equality
  • consistency and credibility
  • acceptance of diversity
  • perseverance
  • humor
  • responsibility
  • commitment to the common good
  • cooperation and communion
  • aspiration to consensus and democracy
  • quality of life
  • affirming responsibility and consideration for environment and nature
  • self-initiative
  • honesty
  • creativity and innovation
  • transparency
  • openness to change
  • critical thinking


Fundamental goals:

  1. Protection of the environment and nature
  2. Promotion of sustainable development

Other goals:

  1. Encouraging and strengthening the public's role in the exercise of the constitutional right to a healthy environment and the nature, and the responsibilities arising from it
  2. Participation in the creation, implementation and follow-up of public policies that affect the environment and nature

STRATEGIC GOALS (2016 - 2019)

Program strategic goals:

  1. The development of a low-carbon society based on climate and social justice, renewable energy sources (OIE) and energy efficiency (EE)
  2. Protection of natural, common and public goods and public services by preventing their devastation, degradation and privatisation, and advocating sustainable management
  3. Strengthening environmental activism and movement in Croatia and the region

Horizontal strategic goal:

  1. Investigating and advocating alternative guidelines, models and practices for managing common and public assets and services based on ecological sustainability, social justice and solidarity

Organisational strategic goals:

  1. Ensure organisational sustainability through strengthening human capacity and increasing financial stability
  2. Increase visibility of the results and the work of Zelena akcija
  3. Participation in advocacy and lobbying for the preservation and development of the institutional framework and conditions for civil society action

The main working groups of Zelena akcija

The Steering Board:

  1.      Željka Leljak Gracin (president)
  2.      Luka Tomac (Vice President)
  3.      Enes Ćerimagić (Vice President)
  4.      Bernard Ivcic
  5.      Marko Košak
  6.      Dora Sivka
  7.      Daniela Jovanova Ivanković

The Assembly

The Assembly is the highest body consisting of all members of Zelena akcija. At the meeting of the Assembly (at least once a year), previous work is evaluated and major decisions are made for the year ahead and for further work. The Assembly elects members all other bodies of ZA.

The Council

It acts as an advisory body of the Assembly and the Steering Board. It consists of a group of fifteen experts and scientists who meet several times a year and with their suggestions and comments support the work of other bodies and programmes.

The members of the council are:

  1. Nikola Visković
  2. Toni Vidan
  3. Jagoda Munić
  4. Dubravka Bačun
  5. Vladimir Lay
  6. Sanja Bojko
  7. Krešimir Ivaniš
  8. Valerija Pepeonik
  9. Krešmir Žganec
  10. Dražen Šimleša
  11. Josip Šintić
  12. Dijana Vuletić
  13. Robert Faber
  14. Nikola Biliškov
  15. Irma Popović Dujmović
  16. Mladen Domazet
  17. Bernard Ivčić

Honorable members of the Council of ZA:

  1. Dubravka Bačun,
  2. prof. Vladimir Lay
  3. Toni Vidan
  4. prof. Nikola Visković
  5. Jagoda Munić
  6. Bernard Ivčić

Supervisory Board

It supervises the financial and business operations of ZA. It consists of three members who are volunteers, including Vesna Teršelić, Dražen Šimleša and Mirela Travar. The Supervisory Board also helps in resolving possible conflicts within Zelena akcija.

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