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The company „Razvoj golf“ gets a permit for condo-isation, Green Action gets a lawsuit!


Green Action/FoE Croatia, the Civic Initiative “Srđ is Ours” and the Association of Croatian Architects filed a lawsuit on Friday 8th December against the demeaning Decision on the Acceptability of the project of condo-isation of Srđ.

After the alleged investor initiated an arbitration case against Croatia, seeking a half-billion-euro compensation, the Croatian government gave in to the pressure and issued the same ruling that the court annulled last year. This is degrading for all citizens of this country who uphold the law and respect court decisions.

"The new decision on environmental acceptability of condo-isation of Srđ was issued by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Energy on the basis of an old study, without the implementation of the new procedure and the literal rewriting of the old decision. In this way, they gravely ignored the verdict of the court and demeaned the citizens, proving once again that some people in this country are above the law and courts. At the same time, we who have been pointing out for years, and proving in front of courts the unlawfulness of this project, are under enormous pressure," said Enes Ćerimagić, lawyer of Green Action, in front of the Administrative Court in Split.

Ćerimagić continued: "The pressure was especially heightened on Thursday, the day before the lawsuit was filed. The alleged investor filed a lawsuit against us through Hanžeković's law firm asking for about 160 thousand kuna and forbidding public appearances. They are trying to silence us in all possible ways, and shut down Green Action by bankruptcy. Regardless of all the current and future pressures, we will not give up on the legal fight against the condo-isation of Srđ and Dubrovnik."

Đuro Capor, the Coordinator of the Initiative „Srđ is Ours“, added: "This project was dismissed by experts through a series of opinions and studies. 84% of the citizens of Dubrovnik rejected it through a referendum. In the end, it was dismissed by the courts through three final judgments. For years we have been dealing with the disregard of the will of citizens and the opinion of experts. However, the exasperation of court verdicts, especially from the highest levels of authority, is perceived as further humiliation of the citizens of Dubrovnik and as an injustice which we cannot and should not observe silently. It is time for this Government to realise that someone who tries to steal half a billion euros from the citizens of Croatia is not a friend, and that the PR consultants who are associated with the company “Razvoj Golf”, such as Krešimir Macan, cannot be government advisors at all."

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