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Give up on the TP ‘’Plomin C’’

Today (10.4.2014.) the Green action, Greenpeace and Green Istria activists have protested in front of the Croatian government, demanding for the construction of Plomin C thermal power plant operating on imported coal, to be abolished. By setting up a 6 meters high model of the human lungs, they have pointed about the negative health effects such power plant would have.

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The bidding for the construction of the TP ‘’Plomin C’’ has been extended by the end of April, and numerous organizations are demanding from the Croatian government, owner of HEP, to give up on the realization of this detrimental project.

According to environmental and medicinal expenses analysis, conducted by Greenpeace one year ago, the air pollution would cause premature deaths for about 17 people per year, which combined with the life expectancy of 40 years, would make ‘’Plomin C’’ statistically responsible for 680 death cases. According to the same analysis, the power plant would, on average, cause 2.671 asthma attacks and dramatic 36. 163 respiratory system diseases.

The EU practice has seen the reduction of initiating new thermal power plants, most notably due to their negative health impact in addition to their unsustainable cost effectiveness. Besides, the existing thermal power plants are being shut down - a month ago in Vado Ligure, on the northwest of Italy, the police has closed the thermal power plant operating on coal after the verdict based on statistics about the numerous disease and death cases caused by the power plant. The organizations are warning that the similar scenario could repeat in Croatia.

There are two legal actions being held against the construction at the moment: in front of the Constitutional court and in front of the Administrative court in Rijeka. We have also requested DORH to initiate the procedure in front of the Supreme court. The contemporary actions are mainly focused on the discrepancy between the spatial plans and the issued authorizations. However, the potential criminal liability for the hundreds of death cases predicted by Greenpeace’s scientifically established analysis.

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