EIA legislation in Croatia - case study

Issue No. 2 November 2005 This case study is designed to inform citizens about Croatia’s accession to the EU in the area of the environment, in an easy-to-under-stand way. It serves both as educational and lobbying tool aimed at informing citizens on the latest developments in environmental law and implementation, as well as influencing policy and decision makers in Croatia.

The case study is part of a Zelena Akcija project to lobby for better waste management and Environmental Impact Assessment procedures in Croatia. The Project brings together experts from Hnuti DUHA, the largest environmental organisation in the Czech Republic, with Zelena Akcija to propose solutions for some of Croatia’s most pressing environmental problems. The project is funded by the European Commission but does not necessarily represent the views of the EC.

Autor: Zelena akcija

01.02.06. 20:00