FoE Croatia: The company Razvoj Golf cannot silence us!

The company Razvoj golf is trying to intimidate Zelena akcije/Friends of the Earth Croatia in court and, under the threat of a large fine, stop them from further action in the public interest.
02.06.21. 10:07
Environmental Law

Appeal from Dubrovnik: New oil platforms threaten the Adriatic

A press conference was held in Dubrovnik today for the international tour of the Italian ship Goletta Verde, organised by One Adriatic, a network of environmental organisations fighting for an oil-free Adriatic.
13.09.16. 11:11
Climate change

A big victory of citizens over the speculators - court annuls environmental permit for the Dubrovnik golf resort project

The legal battle has ended after three years. The administrative court in Split confirmed what the 'Srđ je naš' initiative, 'Zelena akcija' and the experts were saying all along - the project of apartmanization of Srđ (hill above the city of Dubrovnik) is not acceptable for the environment.
03.09.16. 11:16

Neary 40 civil society organisations have signed a letter to EBRD and Croatian Government with a demand to cancel the construction of HE Ombla!

Neary 40 civil society organisations from whole Crotia, including the Friends of the Earth International, Bankwatch i Justice and Environment have signed a letter to EBRD and Croatian Government with a demand to cancel the construction of HE Ombla.

Dubrovnik residents vote against golf course

Over 11,000 Dubrovnik citizens voted on Sunday, in a local referendum to save the cultural and natural heritage of the UNESCO city of Dubrovnik. 84% voted against plans to build a golf resort on the Srdj plateau above the city. Friends of the Earth Croatia is campaigning against the plan, which has links to alleged corruption and tax evasion, will come at the expense of local citizens, and will permanently damage Dubrovnik's international reputation.

Citizens and NGO’s send a message from Dubrovnik – Stop HEP’s devastation of Ombla!

in Komolac at the source of the river Ombla, the initiative Srđ is Ours, Green Action activists, in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Right to the City (Pravo na grad), Eko Omblići and Green Sun (Zeleno sunce) supported the citizens of the settlement near Ombla in their fight against the construction of this harmful project.