Payment to the giro account

 Fill out payment data:

You can make a payment on the giro account of Zelena akcija, including a general payment slip or via your Internet or mobile banking. When you want to made a donation to the giro account, the payment should be done by completing the following payment information:

  • PAYER: name and address

Enter your first and last name or company name and address and city.
Pero Perić
Perićeva 12
10000 Zagreb

  • RECIPIENT: name and address

Zelena akcija, Frankopanska 1, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

  • Receiver account number


  • Model

In the "model" box (before the "caller number" box), enter 99.

  • Description of payment

Donation for Zelena akcija's activities

  • Amount

Enter the amount of donation in kunas (HRK)
= 50.00 or = 100.00 or = 150.00 or some other amount.

After your donation:

Please send an e-mail with the following information at dona[email protected] after your payment has been made, so that we can send you a confirmation and to notify you about further activities of Zelena akcija.

Information to include in the e-mail:

  •      name and surname
  •      address
  •      city
  •      date of payment
  •      payment amount
  •      e-mail address for contact
  •      phone or mobile phone (optional)

Thank you for your support for environmental protection!

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