Zelena akcija Zelena akcija https://zelena-akcija.hr/?locale=en 60 New report: Pipedream - Debunking the myths of Croatia's Krk gas terminal Wed, 12 Dec 2018 12:23:47 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/energy_and_climate_change/new_report_pipedream_debunking_the_myths_of_croatia_s_krk_gas_terminal Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia and Friends of the Earth Europe have released a report that debunks the myths and reveals the true facts about the LNG terminal on Krk Island. First hearing held in the case against the Ministry of Environmental Protection regarding the Krk LNG terminal Tue, 27 Nov 2018 13:32:43 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/energy_and_climate_change/first_hearing_held_in_the_case_against_the_ministry_of_environmental_protection_regarding_the_krk_lng_terminal The first hearing for the lawsuit that Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia and Zelena Istra filed against the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy's decision that the floating LNG terminal on Krk Island is environmentally acceptable was held yesterday (26.11.2018.) at the Administrative Court in Rijeka. Zero Waste Croatia Network: The European Commission confirmed the damage caused by Croatian Ministry of Environment Mon, 14 Jan 2019 22:01:05 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/waste/zero_waste_croatia_network_the_european_commission_confirmed_the_damage_caused_by_croatian_ministry_of_environment Gathered in a coalition “Zero Waste Croatia”, environmental NGO’s and citizens’ initiatives from all over the Croatia are warning public about dangerous consequences of irrational act of forcing construction of regional centers for waste management and demanding formal resignation of Croatian minister of Environmental Protection and Energetics, Tomislav Ćorić. European Commission has warned about the damages on Monday, and Ministry has once again shown the incredible skills of unconvincing manipulation and indifference towards public interest. I can do without plastic - Get involved in our online action! Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:00:18 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/waste/i_can_do_without_plastic_get_involved_in_our_online_action We are inviting citizens to engage in an online action and send us pictures of more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, as well as examples of unnecessary plastic packaging and plastic pollution of the environment. International Plastic Bag Free Day 2018 : 'How long can we last this way?' Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:53:38 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/waste/international_plastic_bag_free_day_2018_how_long_can_we_last_this_way For the International Plastic Bag Free Day, activists from Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia planned an action/performance in front of Importanne shopping center in Zagreb, which aimed to raise awareness on the environmental problems caused by production and overconsumption of single-use plastic bags and single-use plastic in general. FoE Croatia is starting a 'Plastic-Free Week' campaign Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:39:56 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/waste/foe_croatia_is_starting_a_plastic_free_week_campaign As a member of worldwide movement “Break Free From Plastic”, Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia is organizing “Plastic-Free Week”. Activities will be happening from 2nd until 6th of July, 2018 as the 3rd of July is The International Plastic Bag Free Day. FoE Croatia’s anti-LNG campaign continues despite the adoption of a special law! Thu, 14 Jun 2018 16:47:24 +0200 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/energy_and_climate_change/foe_croatias_anti_lng_campaign_continues_despite_the_adoption_of_a_special_law A special Law on the LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal on Krk island was adopted today by the Croatian parliament. SMART SCHOOLS - opening of competition Wed, 13 Dec 2017 12:02:04 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/projekti/aktualni_projekti/interreg_projekt_inovativnim_umom_do_pametnih_skola/smart_schools_opening_of_competition On 5 December 2017, a ceremonial opening of the "Change the habits – equip the school", regional schools competition, was held in the Bosnian Cultural Centre (BKC) Tuzla. The company „Razvoj golf“ gets a permit for condo-isation, Green Action gets a lawsuit! Fri, 08 Dec 2017 16:36:43 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/environmental_law/the_company_razvoj_golf_gets_a_permit_for_condo_isation_green_action_gets_a_lawsuit Green Action/FoE Croatia, the Civic Initiative “Srđ is Ours” and the Association of Croatian Architects filed a lawsuit on Friday 8th December against the demeaning Decision on the Acceptability of the project of condo-isation of Srđ. Invitation to panel: “Gas is not a transition fuel” Wed, 22 Nov 2017 10:56:48 +0100 http://zelena-akcija.hr/en/programmes/energy_and_climate_change/invitation_to_panel_gas_is_not_a_transition_fuel Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia invites you to the panel "Gas is not a transition fuel" to be held on 27.11.2017. at 11:00 in Zelena akcija (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb).