Protest in Zagreb against chaotic waste management system!

Zelena akcija - Friends of the Earth Croatia (Zero Waste Croatia Network coordinator) with few partner NGO's yesterday held big protest in Zagreb calling for better separate waste collection system and opposing Mayor's plan to multiple increase monthly bills of citizens. Zagreb is on the last place out of 28 EU capitals in the separation and recycling of waste. For that reason, few hundreds of people came yesterday in front of the Mayor's office saying this is the culmination of 20 years of carelessness and incapacity of Mayor Bandic, and demanding thorough system changes.

The situation with the waste collection in Zagreb escalated this year because Mayor pushed system with street containers that often become illegal dumpings due to lack of control and regular collection. Beside that, Mayor has sent to the City Assembly to vote on Monday, December 9, about new model of payment. The new model is unfair, especially to those who have a small amount of waste or separate a lot. All citizens should have to pay a mandatory fixed part of 10 EUR that will cover 70-80% of total bill, regardless of how much waste they produce. Fixed part would be complemented by a variable part that makes only 20-30% that means citizens have very little influence on their monthly bills. The total cost of the bills will be several times higher than before, without system improvements. 

These changes, under the pretext of improvement, are creating an unfair payment model. The protesters gathered at the protest with a loud whistle and many banners showing what they thought of the proposed, so-called, “improvement”.

"We will not allow the damage to the environment and the citizens caused by the lack of common sense and inability of Mayor's government, as well as unnecessary employment in Čistoća (local waste management company), to be imposed to be payed by the citizens, by using public money" - said Marko Košak from Zelena akcija - Friends of the Earth Croatia.

NGO's and citizens’ initiatives demand the removal of harmful changes from the agenda of the Assembly session on Monday. In addition, they demand thorough changes, both in the payment model and in the overall waste collection method, which clearly doesn't work. Otherwise, citizens will even more strongly fight against the Mayor’s way of completely disregarding the needs and will of citizens and environment protection.

“There is no valid reason for the announced price increase and unfairness of the payment system, except to do damage to the environment and take money from the citizens. We urge everyone to protect their rights to a healthy life and environment, as well as a fair waste collection and management system, ”said protesters.

Since mayor is unlikely to give up his strong desire to take the money from the citizens, the organizations have invited the protesters to come to another protest, which will take place on December 9 in front of the City Hall.

04.12.19. 16:24