Green Action became a member of Zero Waste Europe

Yesterday (April 24th) in Ljubljana Friends of the Earth Croatia became a member of Zero Waste Europe, network that brings together national associations most actively working on the implementation of environmental waste management systems and assists in the activities of more than 300 cities and municipalities that have adopted the Zero Waste Strategy.

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Friends of the Earth Croatia will, as a member of the network, monitor the progress of Croatian cities and municipalities that have adopted the Zero Waste Strategy and help others, which we invite to do the same. They will have the professional help of Zero Waste Europe in improving their waste management systems.

The conference in Ljubljana gathered cities and municipalities that adopted in their waste management plans the Zero Waste Strategy and principles with which they tend to focus their activities on improving the system of prevention, reuse, separation, recycling and composting of waste and reduce the amount of waste for disposal in landfills . First Croatian local government units (LGU) which have adopted the strategy are Prelog and 6 municipalities in the Lower Medjimurje, separating more than 50% of waste and gradually building a system that currently includes the infrastructure for waste separation on the doorstep, composting, sorting, recycling yard and the starting work for the center for reuse.

Tihana Jelacic from the utility company PRE-KOM Ltd. at the conference in Ljubljana presented their system and pointed out that their success is the result of continuous work on its improvement. Here also,  Friends of the Earth Croatia played a significant role, by preparing the study with recommendations for the development of a sustainable system whose target is 70% of separatey collected waste by 2020.

Marko Kosak, the head of our program Waste Management and a representative of the network Zero Waste Europe said: "Very good cooperation of Friends of the Earth Croatia and seven local governments in Medjimurje county was recognized by the network Zero Waste Europe, which believes that other Croatian cities and municipalities can also become, with the professional help of Friends of the Earth Croatia, part of the society of successful zero waste cities and municipalities. We urge the Croatian local government to follow the example of more than 300 European cities and municipalities, and to integrate zero waste strategy in their waste management plans, establishing quality systems of waste management in accordance with high environmental standards and the needs of citizens. "

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