Croatia among the worst in waste management in the EU - 62 organizations sent a proposal of the solution to the Ministry

Coalition informally called "Zero Waste Croatia'' consisting of 44 environmental organizations gathered in Green Forum and 18 other NGOs and citizen initiatives sent today a common suggestion to create a new proposal of Waste Management Implementation Plan. Associations welcome the announcement of the new environment minister to abandon the harmful burning of trash and building of regional centers for mixed waste and require that the proposal of the Plan incorporate efficient measures of reducing, reusing, separation and recycling of waste. These measures are based on the concept of zero wa...

Waste Management Plan is an implementation document that will determine the manner of collection, treatment and disposal of waste in the Republic of Croatia for the period until 2021.

Past plan was in force until 2015 and the Croatian waste management system that has been among the worst in the EU for years must be immediately improved. In Croatia, only 15% of the total volume of waste is separated, by 2020, we are obliged to separate 50%, and in addition we have a number of other obligations relating to the reuse, recycling and reduction of waste disposal in landfills.

Proposal of the Plan which was referred to the public debate in September last year was based on the continuation of the old system in which it is necessary to produce large quantities of mixed waste to be transported across Croatia to expensive megalomaniac regional centers that would be segmented and then further transported to be incinerated in cement plants and waste incinerators. The coalition of associations 'Zero Waste Croatia' has warned in a detailed commentary that such a system will not meet the given obligations, and citizens will be put in a position to have to repay high penalties to the EU and live near plants that harm the environment and endanger their health.

The coalition expects from the Ministry to establish an effective system that takes care of the public interest and environmental protection. A thorough transformation of the system based on a number of key steps in waste management is required . These include:

  • abandonment of the concept of regional centers for mixed waste and construction of waste incinerators and burning in cement plants that has been proven to be an expensive and harmful waste treatment system.
  • a high quality system of measures that must be incorporated into the new waste management Plan:
    • opening centers for reuse,
    • the supply of public infrastructure for waste separation at the doorstep,
    • charging of waste management according to the actual amount of mixed waste produced
    • the construction of infrastructure for sorting, composting and recycling at the local level
    • an efficient waste prevention plan with measures like banning the distribution of free plastic bags, the establishment of effective national systems for donating food and a variety of educational campaigns that will stimulate citizens to decrease the amount of waste in the making.

We call on the Ministry to take into account the comments of citizens and to develop a Plan proposal based on these recommendations. Additionaly, to draft a new Strategic Plan study of the impact of the proposal on the environment which will be argumentative when making conclusions.These documents then have to be subjected to public consultation and include an Internet consulting and public exposure in major Croatian cities so that the interested public could be presented with the Plan proposal and the Strategic study of the impact on the enviroment.

Suggestion is signed by:

  1. Friends of the Earth Croatia
  2. Organisation for nature, enviroment and sustainable development Sunce
  3. Green Istria (Zelena Istra)
  4. ZEO Nobilis
  5. Franjo Koščec
  6. Eko Pan Karlovac
  7. Organisation for the protection of nature and enviroment ZELENI OSIJEK
  8. Ecological society of Slavonski Brod (BED)
  9. Organisation BIOM
  10. DOOR
  11. Organisation "Eko-Zadar"
  12. Green Action Mičevec
  13. Birds of pray protection center GRIFON
  14. Ecological Organisation EKO - EKO Komin
  15. Eco organisation KOSINJ
  16. Ecological society Koprivnica
  17. Organisation Baobab
  18. Ecological organisation Una
  19. Organisation Žmergo
  20. Ecological organisation Krka Knin
  22. Enviromental organisation Žumberak
  23. Mažuran
  24. Enviromental organisation Pineta
  25. Organisation for ecology and culture Eia
  26. Organisation for the protection of cultural and natural heritage of Stobreč EPETIUM
  27. Eco Ombla
  28. Eco Omblići
  29. Friends of the Earth Stari Mikanovci
  30. ED Lijepa naša-Zabok
  31. Enviromental organisation EKO OROSLAVJE
  32. Divina Natura
  33. Enviromantal-touristic organisation Šolta
  34. Organisation Pulentoda, ecological society of young initiative
  35. Sustainable development organisation UZOR
  36. Dalmatica Viva
  37. Ecological organisation Izvor
  38. Argonauta
  40. Rural development and ecology institute IRRE
  42. Ecological action of Lika LEA
  43. Enviromental organisation Primošten
  44. Sovinjak
  45. Organisation Marjan
  46. Eco Breza
  47. Eco-organisation RAVNI KOTARI
  48. Eco Zagreb
  49. Citizen initiative Karepovac-drugo lice Splita
  50. Citizen initiative Karlovac
  51. Citizen initiative Koprivnica that we deserve
  52. Crisis eco post Kaštelan
  53. Crisis eco post Marišćina
  54. Crisis eco post Varaždin
  55. Crisis eco post Zagreb
  56. Priroda i društvo
  57. RAST Lećevica
  58. Organisation "Enviroment" (Okoliš)
  59. Organisation for enviromental protection Jakuševac
  60. Organisation for enviromental protection Resnik
  61. Zmajevac
  62. Zvona Zagore

22.03.16. 09:24