Commenting changes of Zagreb General Urban Plan

In the last couple of years, General Urban Plan in Zagreb is changing every couple of months, mostly by reducing green areas and transferring them into construction areas.

New process of changing of General Urban Plan has started in November, so we have send comments on it. Most of our comments are focused on the historical centre of Zagreb, and that is part of the town that is overcrowded with cars. So we have suggested several methods that should be put in the General Urban Plan in order to make the living in the historical centre more socially acceptable.

Except that, we have proposed to put a ban on construction of new public garages in the historical centre of Zagreb. This ban was existing in an old General Urban Plan, but City Council has removed it in 2007. We believe that Zagreb has enough public garages in the centre (total 11 garages with 3721 parking places, which is – relating on number of residents – more than in many developed European cities, f.e. Vienna, Stockholm and Amsterdam), and that new garages would only attract more cars to drive on already overcrowded streets in the centre of Zagreb.

Author: Eugen Vuković

16.11.08. 21:00