Srdj golf course campaign

Srdj is a platou within the city of Dubrovnik, just above the old medieval city protected as cultural heritage by UNESCO. For quite some, time (more than a decade) there is idea to build a golf resort on the platou.

This idea, has not been opposed by public, as it is a tourist city people have not questioned a golf course. Therefor the golf course has been planed in a county spatial plan and the size of it was planned at 100 ha. Later on however, the spatial plan has been changed by a deputy of the Government and planned golf extended to 300 ha. The investor also bought 47000m2 from the City of Dubrovnik for price far below the market value. On top of these, there were a scam with a land as some people managed to get ownership of the land claiming that they’ve collected forest products there for more than 20 years. They all sold the land to the golf investor.

The local spatial plan for the development of the Srdj platou has been presented to the public in September 2010, when it was refused by public at the public debate and withrown afterwords. It included 268 villas at golf plus several hotels at now forest and agricultural land. The whole infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage system) suppose to be provided by the City which would put the costs to the citizens.

The platou of Srdj is only developed part of the city of Dubrovnik, if now it would be dedicated to the golf resort it would be lost for any other use in the future. It would also devastate nature, as there is mostly forest and agricultural land that would have to be converted for golf and construction.

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