"The Tomato Monster" in Zagreb

Zagreb, 13. December, 2003 - A giant inflatable tomato is on tour in Zagreb as part of an international campaign for awareness and public participation in the current trade dispute between the USA and EU over genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
15.12.03. 20:00

A Regional Food Industry Conference ended

Zagreb, 11th November, 2003 - A Regional Food Industry Conference entitled "How can we avoid the use of GMOs in seed, food and feed?" organised by Green Action, Green Network of Vojvodina and Umanotera from Slovenia was held today in Zagreb and gathered over 60 experts from all over Europe.
17.11.03. 20:00

Black and White List

Black/white list of food manufacturers in Croatia relating to their position towards genetically modified organisms has been completed.
02.10.03. 21:00

A call to boycott GMO products

Zagreb, 1st october 2003. - To mark the passing of the new Environmental Protection Law, Green Action is calling on consumers to boycott products which contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and farmers to boycott GMO seed which would, in practice, result in Croatia becoming a "GMO free zone".
25.09.03. 21:00