Project: Danube Regional Project Component 1.1-9-Development of the Pilot River Basin Management Plan for the Sava

The Sava River Basin was selected as a model region for the development of a River Basin Management Plan.

Phase 1

In the phase 1 (2003) a first situation analysis, examining the availability of information and data on water management and socio-economic indicators, also assessing the institutional capacities in the four Sava countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Serbia & Montenegro) to prepare a Sava River Basin Management Plan.

Results of phase 1 include:

  • Inception Report, May 2003;
  • Summary analyses of socio-economic and water management indicators, Nov. 2003;
  • Concept for Phase 2 - Preparation of a Pragmatic Sava RBM Plan, March 2004.

 Phase 2:

Phase 2 of the GEF-Danube Regional project component has started the pilot implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in the Sava basin (Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Montenegro) in the end of the year 2005.

The following four tasks are under way:

  • Completion of WFD Danube Basin Roof Report (capacity building in HR, BA and CS)
  • Analysis of transboundary key issues
  • Preliminary Sava Programmes of Measures
  • Structure of the Sava RBM Plan (WFD)

Author: Green Action

29.06.06. 02:00