Network of Local Actors from the Sava River Basin on Water Resource Management

The project is done in cooperation with the OSCE, UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and REC (The Regional Environmental Center) COs. The workshops were organized in all countries on: "Ensuring the quality and quantity of fresh water in the Sava River Basin", which all took in 2005

Brief description:

Project Objectives

  • To establish networks among local actors from the Sava river basin to promote information exchange and collaboration.
  • To promote regional co-operation by improving the management of the Sava river basin and thereby improving water quality.
  • To identify the role played by local actors in river basin management, particularly in the context of shared resources.
  • To encourage the public in general to participate in the decision making process.

 This workshop gathered different local actors along Sava River and its tributaries in (local self-government officials, water suppliers representatives, NGOs, and government representatives), and represented a starting point to create a Network of Local Actors from the Sava River Basin on Water Resource Management.

At a later stage, a certain number of participants from the workshop in all countries were  invited to attend a regional workshop where trans-boundary aspects of water management will be discussed further.

Author: Green Action

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