Sava River protection to be more public

A new project was launched today in the four countries of the Sava River Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia) to boost public involvement in water protection.
A new project launched in the four countries of the Sava River Basin

One NGO from each of the four Sava countries will together take actions to ensure that NGOs, and the people and issues they represent, take part in the development of a ‘Sava River Basin Management Plan’. The plan is now being developed by the governments of each of the four countries under the coordination of the newly created Sava River Basin Commission. The countries agreed to make the plan to fulfil EU laws requiring European countries to improve water quality by 2015.

“We invite people to learn more about our project from our websites and to actively participate in planning water protection for your country,” says Irma Popovic. “We hope that the outcomes from the project continue after one year so that public involvement in Sava water protection is ensured long-term.”

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Author: Green Action

26.01.06. 01:00