The Novo Virje Dam - an ecological disaster

Zagreb, 4. november 2003. -The WWF, Green Action and the Drava League have today held a press conference to appeal to the government to stop the construction of the Novo Virje hydro-electric plant on the river Drava and to begin searching for new sustainable development solutions.

The uncovering of the "darker" side of this ecologically, economically and socially unsustainable project was a response to the Hydro-Energy Industry's Annual International Conference, held in Dubrovnik on the 3 - 6 of December, where the Dam project will be presented internationally, promoting the hydro energetic industry.

The Novo Virje Dam project threatens to destroy unique habitats and species, which should be protected by current EU laws. As Croatia has applied for EU membership and has to harmonize its laws with the EU's, it should stop this project which contravenes EU regulations such as the habitats, birds and water directives.

Once again Croatia, despite EU member states' investments in protecting their own water, is planning to turn an ecologically well-preserved river system into a lifeless water canal.

Author: Green Action

05.11.03. 01:00