Results of the Mid-Winter Waterfowl Counts in the proposed Drava-Mura-Danube Biosphere Reserve

The objective of the International Waterfowl Census (IWC) is to organise and implement monitoring of all water birds in the world with regular standardized counts.

The size of the aquatic birds' populations, their seasonal distribution and population trends enable an objective assessment of the significance of wetlands of international and national concern (e.g. Scott and Rose 1996, Stumberger 1999) and serve as a basis for the Ramsar Convention criteria. Presented herewith are the results of the first large scale waterfoul counts on the Drava river from the Austrian-Slovene border to the Danube (439 km), and on the Danube from the Croatian-Hungarian border to the confluence with the Drava river (47 km) in January 2005.

Author: Green Action

22.02.05. 01:00