Regional seminar on harmful energy projects held at Solta Island Report

On Monday, July 8th a seminar on harmful energy projects in the region started at the Green Action Solar Academy at Vela Straza, island of Solta. Solar Academy is a long-term project in which Green Action, through volunteer camps, fixes up a regional training center for environmental protection in the former barracks provided for use by the Croatian Government.

On the seminar, which involved nearly 30 NGO representatives from South East Europe, we conducted a training on methods of campaigning against the construction of harmful energy projects, particularly coal power plants. The seminar included a presentation of campaigns against harmful projects and training on legal tools in activist campaigns. In addition, several lectures on energy co-operatives – associations of people from local communities, who are joining their financial and material resources in order to establish ownership over the production of energy from local renewable energy sources – were also held. Seminar participants exchanged experiences from the grassroot campaigns that they work on and planned next activities in their campaigns against harmful energy projects.

In addition, the seminar included a workshop on working with volunteers and attracting more members.

The aim of the seminar was to educate and improve the cooperation of NGOs in South-East Europe which carry out campaigns aimed at stopping harmful energy projects or advocate the implementation of sustainable energy solutions, such as Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

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