A regional ETNAR conference on energy and natural resources held in Banja Luka

From September 11th to 12th, Centre for Environment organized a regional conference dedicated to natural resources and energy, which brought together leading civil society organizations in the region that deal with these issues.

The aim of the conference was tofind common solutions for management of natural resources, especially water, as extremely important and sensitive element of the environment. Special attention was paid to the management of flood risks, with the focus on climate change and the necessary mitigation of their consequences on the environment and society. Also, emphasis was placed on unsustainable energy systems in the region and the necessity of shifting from fossil to renewable energy sources.

Jagoda Munic, ETNAR project coordinatorfrom Green Action / Friends of the Earth Croatia underlined that ETNAR project is "an example of successful cooperation in the region in order to help non-governmental organizations to better respond to problems in the society. Common action in the field of environmental protection is of vital importance, as we demonstrated in our rapid response to flooding in the region."

Professor Lučka Kajfež Bogataj from Biotechnology Faculty in Ljubljana and a leading expert in climate change has highlighted that climate change, if we don’t promptly take action in order of controlling it, pose a risk not only to the environment but also to the economic prosperity, development and more broadly - stability and safety. Effects of climate change on the water regime in South Eastern Europe are very unpredictable and locally specific.

NatasaCrnkovic, president of the Center for Environment added that the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is particularly sensitive, given that the recent floods and landslides have shown the necessity of big changes in the management of natural resources, especially water and forests. "It is exactly the current practice, which includes conventional systems of flood control and enormous plans for building of new hydroelectric power plants and usurpation of rivers, which demonstrates the unawareness of the size and seriousness of this issue by the relevant institutions".

You can download the presentations and photos from the conference here.

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