Natural Resources Protection

The Natural Resources Protection Programme was launched in 2000 (then called the Nature Protection and Biodiversity Programme) with the desire for Zelena akcija to work more on nature protection.

About the programme

The current objective of the programme is to protect natural, common and public goods and public services by preventing their devastation, degradation and privatisation, and while advocating for sustainable management.

Croatia is one of the richest countries in Europe, including the world, in terms of biodiversity, as well as beautiful landscape, forests and waters, which is also the foundation of its development and economy, primarily offering the basis for the development of tourism and quality of life. Zelena akcija has been systematically engaged in the protection of natural resources for a number of years, and is committed to preserving nature as a basis for sustainable development. There is an increasing pressure that natural goods and the services they provide are privatised, and only our careful monitoring of these trends and active public activity can preserve our natural goods. The role of Zelena akcija is to inform and mobilize citizens on this issue and to promote sustainable and participatory concepts of managing and using natural resources and the services they provide.

Natural, common and public goods are endangered not only by direct devastation, but also poor management, which is particularly true in the case of public services. Cases of bad public administration models are being used as arguments for privatisation, although experience shows that in the case of privatisation, there is usually a further devastation of goods and/or a rise in service prices and a reduction in the influence of citizens on the management system.

In order to achieve the stated goal, the Natural Resources Protection Programme monitors and advocates for a better legislative framework for the protection of various environmental and nature components, carries out specific protection projects for specific areas and conducts campaigns against harmful projects. As part of this programme, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being monitored.

Hrvoje Radovanović - programme assistant

08.04.10. 17:44