Croatian civil society organisations on closing negotiations with EU in Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights) Report

On the press conference that took place today (February 21st 2011) 14 Croatian civil society organisations have presented a joint opinion on the readiness of the Republic of Croatia for the closing of negotiations in Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights).

Joint opinion was submitted to the European Commission, members of the EU parliament, and to the embassies, and foreign policy parliamentary committees of the EU member states on Wednesday, February 16th 2011.

We expect from all branches of government (executive, legislative, and judiciary) to take full responsibility for implementation of proposed priority measures, which should be taken as soon as possible, so fundamental rights of Croatian citizens could be fully secured in the context of Croatia's accession to EU.

We demand from Croatian Government and National Committee for Monitoring EU Accession Negotiations to make public the report about implementation of benchmarks for finishing the Chapter 23, which was sent to European Commission on 10th of February this year. We also demand disclosure of all the negotiating positions whose keeping secret cannot be justified, especially in the final phase of negotiations.

Full text of the joint opinion can be found here.

21.02.11. 19:38