Bankwatch programme 2005 annual report

International Financial Institution Monitoring Programme Report 2005.

International Financial Institution Monitoring Programme Report 2005

The Programme officially began work in July but before that several activities took place.

Representatives of Green Action took part in training sessions organised by CEE Bankwatch on media work, web presentation and the functioning of the EBRD. Green Action contributed to a publication by the Stability Pact Watch group of CEE Bankwatch entitled “Bridging the gap between EBRD rhetoric and reality”. Two case studies of Zagreb projects financed by the EBRD (the wastewater treatment plant and the rehabilitation of the Jakuševec landfill) were included in the publication, which was designed to draw attention to some of the deficiencies in the EBRD’s projects ahead of its annual general meeting (AGM) in Belgrade. A representative from Green Action also attended the EBRD’s AGM and expressed concerns about the aforementioned projects, in addition to the planned Zagreb municipal waste incinerator, which the EBRD is also considering funding.

Much of the Programme’s work has been focused on the incinerator. Before the programme’s work officially started Green Action commented during the EIA public hearing for the project, sent letters to the political parties in the local elections asking them to back our position, and did a street theatre performance entitled Waste+Incinerator=Hazardous Waste, drawing attention to the fact that incineration does not make waste disappear, but condenses it into hazardous ashes and filter residues. In October the EIA for the project was rejected, and many of the reasons given echoed the concerns given by Green Action. The Programme used this opportunity to write to the EBRD asking the Bank to pull out of the project, and enclosed a detailed critique of the incinerator plans. The Programme also wrote an open letter to the Mayor of Zagreb demanding that instead of pushing ahead with the incinerator plans, waste prevention and recycling should be massively increased in the city, and that the public should be invited to participate in the creation of a new waste management plan. In late November the Programme participated in the public consultation on the planned changes in the General Urban Plan, and submitted its reasons why the location of the incinerator should not be confirmed.

The Programme also participated in CEE Bankwatch’s efforts to influence the European Commission’s plans to extend the controversial Trans-European Transport Network. Green Action completed a case study of the Corridor Vc Motorway for Bankwatch’s response to the report of the High Level Group on TEN-T extension, which is also being sent to Croatian decision-makers in order to provoke public discussion of Croatia’s transport priorities. Green Action also attended the European Advantage Conference in Prague in late November, organised by BUND, T and E, and CEE Bankwatch Network, and a CEE Bankwatch seminar on programming EU funds.

Author: Green Action

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