FoE Croatia: The company Razvoj Golf cannot silence us!

The company Razvoj golf is trying to intimidate Zelena akcije/Friends of the Earth Croatia in court and, under the threat of a large fine, stop them from further action in the public interest.
02.06.21. 10:07
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The company „Razvoj golf“ gets a permit for condo-isation, Green Action gets a lawsuit!

Green Action/FoE Croatia, the Civic Initiative “Srđ is Ours” and the Association of Croatian Architects filed a lawsuit on Friday 8th December against the demeaning Decision on the Acceptability of the project of condo-isation of Srđ.
08.12.17. 16:34
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Croatian civil society organisations on closing negotiations with EU in Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights)

On the press conference that took place today (February 21st 2011) 14 Croatian civil society organisations have presented a joint opinion on the readiness of the Republic of Croatia for the closing of negotiations in Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights).
21.02.11. 19:38
Environmental Law Report

Green Action comments on draft EBRD Country Strategy for Croatia

Green Action welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft EBRD Country Strategy (CS) for Croatia, and thanks the EBRD for the recent consultation workshop organised in Zagreb. Despite the progress made by Croatia towards EU Accession, we believe that there are a number of crucial shortcomings that need to be addressed in the area of environment, and that the EBRD can and must send a strong message to the Croatian government regarding these in its Country Strategy and through its investments.
05.04.10. 10:39
Environmental Law

Two cases in Croatian waste management policy

This case study is designed to inform citizens about Croatia’s accession to the EU in the area of the environment, in an easy-to-under-stand way. It serves both as educational and lobbying tool aimed at informing citizens on the latest developments in environmental law and implementation, as well as influencing policy and decision makers in Croatia.
03.01.06. 20:00
Environmental Law

Bankwatch programme 2005 annual report

International Financial Institution Monitoring Programme Report 2005.
05.12.05. 01:00
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News: Report about the 2005 annual general meeting of the EBRD in Belgrade, 08.06.2005

EBRD is providing funding for several projects in Croatia, such as the Zagreb Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Karlovac Wastewater Treatment Plant, and part of the Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway.
08.06.05. 02:00
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