TE Plomin C to cause as many as 680 premature deaths over 40 years

Today (May 03rd 2013) representatives of Greenpeace, Zelena Akcija and Zelena Istra have held a press conference where Greenpeace’s case study on hidden costs of planned coal-fired power plant Plomin C was presented.

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Key findings of this study include:

  • Air pollution from the new coal block in Plomin is estimated to cause a premature death of approximately 17 people a year. With expected 40 years of operation, Plomin C will be responsible for as many as 680 deaths.
  • Each year, Plomin C will cause an average 261 asthma attacks, and unbelievable 36163 cases with respiratory symptoms.
  • Overall, estimated 3970 working days per year would be lost due to illness.
  • The total external cost from pollution caused by this single block to the society would amount to 124.8  mil € annually.
  • Next to the burning of coal, additional environmental and social costs are caused on the biodiversity, forests, water system by mining in the country of origin of the imported coal.
  • New power plant does not mean a clean power plant – it still produces lots of pollutants, which will add to the existing pollution in the region.

Photograps from the conference can be found here. Greenpeace study is available here (only on Croatian).

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