S.O.S. Adriatic: We request the Government to cancel the contract signing with concessionaires

The associations gathered in the coalition 'SOS Adriatic' welcome the request from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the implementation of cross-border consultation on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Also we posses information that the Italian Government had already sent the same request.

Programme: Energy


Transboundary consultations in these proceedings are binding for a number of years and have become a common practice among the Member States of the European Union. We assume that the requests are sent this late because Slovenian and Italian Ministry of Environment have expected  the appropriate official notification from Croatian Ministry of Environment and Nature (MENP) until the last minute. Unfortunately, MENP has failed once again relinquishing its responsibility for the protection of the Adriatic Sea to the Ministry of Economy and the Agency for hydrocarbons (AZU).

We firmly believe that demand for cross-border consultation, regardless of the ridiculous interpretations of AZUR denying their obligation at this stage of the procedure, will waken the responsibles in the Government and induce them to re-examine the entire current procedure as well as cancel the planned signing of contracts with concessionaires due numerous violations of procedures and indications favoring concessionaires

We are confident that the Agency for public relations in the service of AZUR and concessionaires  will now launch a "heartbreaking" messages how Slovenians and Italians do not allow us to use our own oil etc. However, the real question for us is: why our accountable institutions do not require cross-border consultation in making similar Italian and Montenegrin study programs and exploitation of oil, which are in the adoption procedure?

26.02.15. 12:56