Greenpeace ship in action against the thermopower plant "Plomin C"

Yesterday Greenpeace, in cooperation with the NGOs Zelena akcija, Zelena Istra and Pineta, carried out an action against the construction of the Plomin C coal power plant. At the entrance to Plomin Bay, Greenpeace hung a large banner saying “Stop Plomin C” on its 50 metre ship Arctic Sunrise. In this way, Greenpeace announced its active involvement in the campaign against the implementation of this economically and environmentally harmful project.

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To reiterate the main reasons for our opposition to the construction of Plomin C coal plant:

  1. With the construction of this new coal power plant, Croatia would remain dependent on imported energy, because we do not have our own sources of coal.
  2. The power plant would have a very negative health impact.
  3. It would contribute to climate change, because it would emit 2.644 million tones of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.
  4. In the long term it would result in more expensive electricity bills, considering that Croatia would have to pay the penalty for exceeding its CO2 emissions.
  5. This TPP is inconsistent with the spatial plan of Istria County. As we have emphasized many times, the spatial plan of Istria provides that Plomin C must use gas as an energy source and that maximum power can be 125 MW. In contrast, HEP wants to build a TPP on imported coal, and power up to 500 MW.

16.04.13. 18:22