The primary objective of the Energy programme is active promotion of transition to sustainable community (or communal) energy in Croatia.

Programme: Energy


With the term "communal" energy, we want to name the vision of future energy based on energy efficiency, renewable sources, decentralisation and flexibility that would, in addition to environmental sustainability, also contribute to social sustainability.

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, community energy also implies the high level of ownership of local actors (citizens, energy co-operatives, enterprises owned by local governments...) over energy production capacities and ensuring their incentive access to the use of national energy infrastructure services.

From our first campaigns at the national level, such as the campaign against the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Lukovo Šugarje called "SOS for Velebit" (1996-98) and the campaign against the "Družba Adria" oil project (2000-2002), the program's priorities are:

  1. Impact on public policies and documents relevant to the development of the energy sector in the Republic of Croatia and active promotion of new energy policies from EU level;
  2. Educational and promotional activities, primarily further development of the Solar Academy's programme (Šolta Island) and facility, and the practical workshops and development of educational materials in the field of communal energy.

The coordinator of the Energy programme represents the national network called Green Forum in the European Economic and Social Committee (EGSO), one of the two main advisory bodies of the European Union. As co-chair of a group of representatives of environmental and consumer associations at the EGSO, he actively participates in the development of advisory opinions on new EU energy and environmental policies and actively disseminates information about them to domestic actors.

Toni Vidan - programme coordinator

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