Balkan Youth Climate Movement meeting, Šolta Island, August 2015 News

Zelena akcija /FoE Croatia activists organised a strategic regional meeting with 10 young people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia which took place in our Solar Academy on Šolta Island on August 3rd-8th.

The aim of the meeting was to follow up on the activities since the first big regional Balkan youth climate movement (BYCM) gathering on Šolta Island in July 2014, and to develop plans for the following year.

The outcomes of the meeting include: developing the new BYCM platform internally and externally, connecting with other networks in the region, working on public awareness raising on climate change, mobilising more young people for this platform and using the UN climate talks in Paris this December as a focus for these activities in Western Balkans.

We have also discussed and panned the next big regional youth climate gathering in summer 2016 on Šolta Island, where we plan to bring 40-50 young activists from South Eastern Europe to develop concrete activities and campaigns.

20.08.15. 13:19