No time to waste - environmental campaigning changes the face of Central Europe

This lecture will be performed on January 22th 2004 at 19.00 h in the hall of Green Action in Frankopanska street 1. On his lecture he will use video material of Greenpeace campaigns and stories on Genetic Manipulated Organisms, nuclear energy, and the fight against scrupelous chemical industries.

Jan Havercamp, lecturer at the department of human ecology at the University of Brno, until recently Campaign Director with Greenpeace in the Czech Republic and actively involved in environmental campaigning in the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe since 1986, will have a look at what makes environmental campaigns successful, and which mistakes need to be avoided. On his Croatian lecture he will explore the borders towards extremism, the role of non-violence and law.

Since 1989, many environmenal initiatives in Central Europe have tried to make a change. But only in the last few years, a structural influence can be felt on Central European environmental and economic politics.

Author: Green Action

18.01.04. 20:00