Activist Group

Supporting Zelena akcija's campaigns and programmes and educating activists, primarily students, so that they can start environmental initiatives by themselves in the future.

The Activist Group consists of volunteers who support the campaigns and programmes of Zelena akcija.

The Activist Group has two main goals: supporting Zelena akcija's campaigns and programmes, and educating activists, primarily students, so that in the future, they can start environmental initiatives where they live. This group is a very valuable segment of Zelena akcija because it is crucial for effective programme and campaign performance, based on a combination of argumented lobbying and advocacy actions. The group has about thirty active members. Young activists also actively participate and contribute to the European network of young environmental activists - Young Friends of Earth Europe.

Values ​​and principles of the Activist Group:

  • ecological, social, gender and economic justice
  • nonviolence
  • anti-discrimination
  • inclusiveness
  • solidarity
  • voluntary participation and joint action
  • participatory democracy

Throughout the year, the Activist Group is organising dozens of advocacy actions, workshops, film evenings and larger projects such as the Environment Film Festival, which has been taking place since 2014.

If you are interested in participating in the activities of the Activist Group, please feel free to contact the group's Coordinator Dora Sivka at: [email protected] .

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