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Green Phone

The Green Phone was established in early 1992 to promote and facilitate public participation in solving local environmental problems.
05.04.10. 15:01

Activist Group

Supporting Zelena akcija's campaigns and programmes and educating activists, primarily students, so that they can start environmental initiatives by themselves in the future.
05.04.10. 17:40

Environmental Centre

The Environmental Centre provides direct communication with citizens on issues of environmental protection and the work of Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia. It also organises various educational programmes (lectures and workshops) aimed at the wider public.
05.04.10. 13:25
05.04.10. 19:51


The primary objective of the Energy programme is active promotion of transition to sustainable community (or communal) energy in Croatia.
09.04.10. 11:37


The Sustainable Waste Management Programme is part of the strategic sustainable resource management programme, whose goals are education on sustainable waste management and the impact on national and local policies related to waste and resource utilization.
08.04.10. 16:44


The Transport Programme was established in 2005, and its roots derive from the Energy and Climate Change Programme and the Bicycle Section of Zelena akcija.
08.04.10. 19:00

Natural Resources Protection

The Natural Resources Protection Programme was launched in 2000 (then called the Nature Protection and Biodiversity Programme) with the desire for Zelena akcija to work more on nature protection.
08.04.10. 17:44