140 arrested in Zagreb protests against construction in Varsavska pedestrian zone

(Zagreb, Croatia) At least 140 people have been arrested in peaceful protests Zagreb, Croatia, today as works began on a heavily unpopular entrance ramp to a private underground car park, which would destroy part of the city’s Varsavska Street pedestrian zone.
15.07.10. 21:29
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All news about events in Varsavska at www.nedamovarsavsku.net
15.06.10. 13:50

Appeal for downtown savior - Media advice

Green Action and the Right for City initiative have sent a public appeal to the members of the City of Zagreb Assembly in order to prevent changes in GUP through which capital usurp ”revitalization” of downtown would be made possible.
05.02.07. 20:00

Horvacanska finally free of petrol station threat!

Zagreb, 17. october 2003. At yesterday's meeting of the city council it was finally decided that the constructor, which planned to build on a greenfield site, must build at another location.
16.10.03. 21:00

If you can build it in a park, you can build it on the car park too!

Zagreb, 10th september 2003. - One of the most successful actions of this year was held early in the morning of 10th September when Green Action activists built a small symbolic house in front of the City Council offices and gained considerable public and media attention on the issue of the systematic selling and devastation of Zagreb's green spaces.
29.09.03. 21:00