The Novo Virje Dam - an ecological disaster

Zagreb, 4. november 2003. -The WWF, Green Action and the Drava League have today held a press conference to appeal to the government to stop the construction of the Novo Virje hydro-electric plant on the river Drava and to begin searching for new sustainable development solutions.
05.11.03. 01:00

Horvacanska finally free of petrol station threat!

Zagreb, 17. october 2003. At yesterday's meeting of the city council it was finally decided that the constructor, which planned to build on a greenfield site, must build at another location.
16.10.03. 21:00

Black and White List

Black/white list of food manufacturers in Croatia relating to their position towards genetically modified organisms has been completed.
02.10.03. 21:00

Solar academy 2003

Vela Straža, island Šolta, 6. july - 3. august 2003. - 50 volunteers from all across Europe have gathered at an international work and educational volunteer camp in Velika Straza on the island of Solta.
29.09.03. 21:00

If you can build it in a park, you can build it on the car park too!

Zagreb, 10th september 2003. - One of the most successful actions of this year was held early in the morning of 10th September when Green Action activists built a small symbolic house in front of the City Council offices and gained considerable public and media attention on the issue of the systematic selling and devastation of Zagreb's green spaces.
29.09.03. 21:00

A call to boycott GMO products

Zagreb, 1st october 2003. - To mark the passing of the new Environmental Protection Law, Green Action is calling on consumers to boycott products which contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and farmers to boycott GMO seed which would, in practice, result in Croatia becoming a "GMO free zone".
25.09.03. 21:00