Commenting changes of Zagreb General Urban Plan

In the last couple of years, General Urban Plan in Zagreb is changing every couple of months, mostly by reducing green areas and transferring them into construction areas.
16.11.08. 21:00

Action in front of the City Council building

Walking around Zagreb City Council building Today at 12:00 more than 500 activists of Right to the City and Green Action were participating in the action in front of the building of City Council.
12.11.08. 21:00

Commenting Croatia's Sustainable Development Strategy

Commenting Croatia's Sustainable Development Strategy In October, Ministry of protection of Environment has presented Sustainable Development Strategy and has open public discussion.
03.11.08. 21:00

Commenting Plan of protection and improvement of air quality in Zagreb

Commenting Plan of protection and improvement of air quality in Zagreb During October there was public debate about the Plan of protection and improvement of air quality in Zagreb. One part of the Plan is focused on urban transport so Green Action has send the comments on it. Al the measures in the Plan are actually very good, containing most of the elements that we were suggesting for several years.
27.10.08. 21:00

Protest action - Healthy Cities conference

Is Zagreb really the healthiest city in Europe?! Green Action's activists have today made a protest action at the opening of Health City Conference. They have warned public and participants of the conference that Zagreb is not and it will not be healthy city while the main environmental problems are unsolved.
14.10.08. 22:00

Back door games in the current change of Town general spatial planning

With the organization of a press conference in the Drašković 72 courtyard where citizens have made their own little botanic garden, we wanted to show how revitalization and the rebuilding of downtown blocks does not have to look like the Hoto group project on Cvjetni square.
10.07.07. 08:26
Environmental Centre

City as we want

 Planet Earth Day 2007  
10.07.07. 08:20
Environmental Centre

Spring eco - seminar

Green Action, in cooperation with the Heinrich Boll Foundation, has organized a Spring eco - seminar every Monday from 21/05 to 25/06 at 19:00, to be held in its headquarters.                                 
16.05.07. 21:00
Environmental Centre

Nature protection, hunt and poaching

  We invite you to participate our seminar, "Nature protection, hunt and poaching”, on Wednesday, April 25 at 9 a.m. at Green Action  The seminar will take place as a part of the project Green Zone Velebit, which has been organized by Green Action and supported with worldwide funds since 2001.

If you say the incinerator is that good, how about than you build it in Pantovčak?!

Report from waste incinerator project presentation. Around 80 citizens of the Zagreb suburb of Resnik came to a public presentation organized by Green Action where they were able to get more information regarding the planned construction of a waste incinerator in Zagreb.
04.03.07. 02:00