Srđ is ours

The campaign "Srđ is ours" deals with the protection of Mount Srđ above Dubrovnik. The citizen initiative that was formally founded in 2010 has the same name, and Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia is a member.

Since 2006, local associations (Domovina, Društvo prijatelja prirode (DUB), Baština i Eko Omblići) have pointed out the problem of over-construction plans on Mount Srđ above Dubrovnik, under the guise of building a golf course. In the same year, the mentioned associations submitted a request to the competent Constitutional Court on the assessment of the legality of the modification of the spatial plan of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, thanks to which the project of condo-isation of Srđ grew three times (from the initial 100 ha to 310 ha of area), and the court terminated these unlawful alterations 8 years later.

However, this did not result in the abolition of the project permits that were issued, but it continued to develop in the increased scope from 2006. The "Srđ is ours" Initiative and associations from the Initiative have steadily pointed to many manipulations of the procedures that went to the benefit of the investor, and at the expense of the local community and citizens. The use of legal instruments is one of the most essential elements of the campaign "Srđ is ours" and the initiative has had the full support of the legal team of Zelena akcija.

As a part of the campaign, gathering of signatures for a referendum on the issue of condo-isation of Srđ was organised in 2013. The collecting of signatures started when the referendum was still relatively unpopular as a tool, especially at the local level, due to its restrictive conditions. Despite the limitations, the Srđ Initiative successfully collected the necessary signatures and, therefore, organised one of the first referendums at the request of citizens in the Republic of Croatia (the only referendum initiated by citizens' signatures before Dubrovnik was the case of the recall of one municipal mayor). Although it was not a legally binding referendum, it showed the predominant opposition of the local community to the proposed project (84.15% against the project out of 31.5% of the outgoing voters). Despite the results of the referendum and the apparent opposition of the local community, the project continued and in 2013 decisions that were essential for its continuation were adopted - decision on environmental acceptability and urban planning.

With the help of Zelena akcija, the Srđ Initiative has challenged the legality of the environmental adaptability (2016) and continues with the legal battle in order to stop this damaging project. Although the project is problematic and harmful for several reasons, it is important to highlight the following:

  • An ecological bomb above the heads of Dubrovnik's citizens

Large quantities of water and pesticides that are required to maintain the supporting golf courses are an unreasonable waste of resources (water) and unnecessary environmental pollution (pesticides). Bearing in mind that the slope of the Mount Srđ is composed of karst, it is justified to fear a possible uncontrolled pollution release into the environment.

  • Condo-isation under the guise of golf courses

Even though the project is mostly advertised as a golf course project on Srđ, it has little connection with that. On the surface of 350 hectares (310 hectares of golf resorts + tourist resorts and village of Bosanka) the construction that occupies 468 101 m2 for buildings is planned, which is 121 998 m2 of land area. To explain better, the largest Dubrovnik settlement, Nova Mokošica, with about 8,000 to 10,000 people, consists of residential buildings where the total area of apartments is 103,321m2. In addition to this, it should be noted that Mokošica is a settlement of high-rise buildings (skyscrapers), while the massive construction on Srđ would spatially be widespread. Golf course are being imposed in order to build new accommodation facilities in its shadow, in an area where they should never be built.

  • Hundreds of years for Dubrovnik and a couple of years for "Dubrovnik 2"

Excessive construction would result in a significant increase in the number of inhabitants / visitors in Dubrovnik with the consequent burden on the already poor city infrastructure. Sociological, demographic and cultural impacts are not taken into account by simplified financial calculations and never-proven financial benefits for the city of Dubrovnik. It is not irrelevant to note that the golf-resorts of the planned type are developed as gated communities, which would influence the further social stratification of the Dubrovnik population. Hundreds of years of organic growth of the urban structure of Dubrovnik - which it's known for wordwide - is being threatened by the instantaneous construction of a whole new city above the City of Dubrovnik.

  • Srđ - the last spatial resource of Dubrovnik

Because of the specific geographic configuration of the area where the city of Dubrovnik is located, Mount Srđ represents the last unused space on which Dubrovnik may possibly plan its expansion. It is strategically important to keep control over this space in order to meet the public needs and the development of the city of Dubrovnik.

  • Infrastructure - public money for private profit

The area of Srđ is an unprepared area for construction. This means that for all the communal infrastructure to be built, it is necessary to bring the connections to the scope of the project (located at 400 meters above sea level). The cost of construction and maintenance of this infrastructure will be paid out of public funds. The investor will only partially finance the construction of the infrastructure within the scope of the project.

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